Posts About this blog (and me)

About this blog (and me)

Hi there, I am Vishnu! I am a high school student who enjoys problem-solving and making an impact through programming.

In this blog, I’ll be exploring various topics relating to programming, such as full-stack development and competitive programming. Do note that I’m a competitive programming beginner and many of the posts I will write about it will mostly be to remember problem-solving techniques of interesting problems. I tend to forget how I solved problems, so to avoid forgetting, I’ll be writing the idea of the problem as a post. I’ll also mostly be solving 7-10 pointers on DMOJ (and the occasional 12-15 pointers).

My DMOJ account is available here:

This blog is created using the Chirpy Jekyll theme. I didn’t want to use Medium or any other blogging platform since I enjoy the freedom that writing Markdown/HTML gives me in terms of customizability and content.

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